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Lifetime Warranty now provided by Yealink (UK) Limited


In the Event of a Failure

In the unlikely event that you have a faulty unit, you should contact the official Yealink (UK) distributor, or ITSP partner, that the unit was purchased from.  

The distributor may require some additional information or additional testing and procedures to be carried out to establish the unit is faulty and one which they have supplied.   

If the unit is deemed to be faulty the distributor will request the unit is returned to their offices at your cost and subject to further tests, confirming the unit is faulty and that the warranty seal hasn’t been broken, a replacement unit will be supplied at no cost.  

If the model returned under the Lifetime Warranty is no longer available the distributor will supply an equivalent or better model. 

This warranty is in addition to any statutory rights.

*For the official Yealink (UK) Ltd Distributor list go to:- 

**For the official Yealink (UK) Ltd ITSP Partner list go to:-

This Lifetime Warranty excludes the following products: 

- T18P, T20P, T20PN, T22P, T22PN, T26P, T26PN, T28P, T28PN, T32G, T32GN, T38G, T38GN, EXP38, EXP39, YHS32, YHS33 and all VP series units.

- All Spare Parts including but not limited to : Network Cable (CAT5), Base Stand, Handset, Handset Curly Cord, Power Supply Unit (PSU)                            

This warranty covers manufacturing faults and component defects.  It does not cover wear and tear, physical damage, or problems associated with the network or platform it is connected to.

Please contact the distributor or ITSP the unit was purchased from for further details.


This product is guaranteed, by Yealink (UK) Limited, for 12 months from the date of purchase or 2years from the date of manufacture, whichever is longer. The phone's serial number will start with either the model number (e.g. T20P) or a five digit code (e.g. 11072) to represent the model. The next 4 digits take the form YYMM so, for example, the serial number T20P1008654321 indicates the phone is a T20P made in August 2010, or 1107212053400234 indicates the phone was made in May 2012.
This warranty covers manufacturing faults and component defects. It does not cover wear and tear or problems associated with the network or platform it is connected to.
We will endeavour to repair any telephone sent to us within the warranty period but we reserve the right to charge for items that we consider replaceable due to wear and tear.
We will either repair your IP Phone or at our sole discretion replace it with a similar product if the product suffers from a manufacturing fault or component defect, provided that the warranty seal has not been broken. In the event that a model has been discontinued, any replacement would have equivalent or better features.
If you need to return a faulty unit to please first complete and submit our on-line warranty return form which can be found by clicking here or going to
We will then email you a warranty returns number (RMA) which must be sent with the returned item to:-
Yealink (UK) Limited, Pennine House, Salford Street. BURY. BL9 6YA
We ask that you bear the cost of returning any telephones to us. We will return them to you, at our expense.
This warranty is in addition to any statutory rights.